Case Studies

For a better understanding on how we work and how we can support your specific project, our case studies provide some insight on how we approach and handle projects to ensure professional execution, completion on time and on budget. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any additional or specific questions.

Pacific Place “Christmas Wonder With The Little Prince” - The Making-of

For a holiday season filled with wonder and cheer, Pacific Place is inviting everyone to see this Christmas through a child’s eyes. “Christmas Wonder With The Little Prince” is a holiday celebration igniting all five senses through a fantastical world of art and imagination from 25 November 2015 to 1 January 2016. With festive events and exhibitions that recall the true meaning of the season, “Christmas Wonder With the Little Prince” is once again making Pacific Place a must-visit luxury shopping destination for the holidays.

Christmas Metal Art Ceiling Decoration at Pacific Place 金屬聖誕裝飾

Pacific Place Julius Popp BIT.FALL Installation

Pacific Place is delighted to present BIT.FALL, a multimedia installation by pioneering German media installation artist Julius Popp. The art installation uses popular and googled buzzwords in newsfeeds and displays them as a curtain of water, exploring the rapid flow of digital information in the modern age. Through BIT.FALL, Julius Popp explores how transient information interacts with humanity through the art installation.

Suspense Two by Lincoln Seligman